Startup Masterclass

November 2nd 2019, Abuja.

Practical class on starting and scaling a startup. Core focus covers Bootstrapping, Storytelling, Getting Customers and Resources.

I am hosting a Startup Masterclass on Saturday, November 2nd in Abuja where I will share thoughts and startup business models, structure and processes. I’ll also offer one-one sessions after the class to help participants drive their goals. 

I’ll ensure this session is as practical as possible, using case studies of what I have learned from working with small and large B2B and B2C companies in Nigeria over the past 7 years.

The Agenda

9:00am – Breakfast & Introductions
10:00am – Branding, Bootstrapping and Culture
12:00pm – Storytelling, Sales and Getting Clients
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Productivity Tools
3:00pm – Final Thoughts, Questions and Answers
5:00pm – Networking and Photographs

Get in Touch

I’m mostly available on email and instagram. You can send me a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can.